Confusion and gathering information

OK, so we are awaiting and Education psychologist report to come through with in the next week or two to find out were Oliver stands to what support he might need for school in core subjects.   This is a long wait might I had,  while also awaiting an appointment with Occupational Therapy.  This weekend I choose to help Oliver more with SPAG at home, giving him his tablet to help him focus we did a page of fractions (Maths being one of his faves this wasn’t a problem)   However SPAG was another thing all together, we did one page and he didn’t seem to get it.  I don’t understand how his English Teacher can say there are no issues and he can do more complex work when at home he can’t do the simple tasks,  we did Prefixes, so nothing major and he didn’t get some of it.   We even did his spelling homework, now for this all I do it make Oliver copy out the words three times, just copy from a sheet to writing them down and he was missing out letters. It’s like this in his homework diary he can’t seem to copy things word for word he misses out so much.  So if he can’t do this for writing out his homework and copying things at home, how can he be doing it in school?  Why has no one seem to pick up on this?  The more I think about the more I think he is going unnoticed in Class.

I though I would do some of t his work to one help Oliver and two to show the Occupational Therapist his handwriting and letter forming as that is one main reason we are awaiting an appointment, now I wish I had done this for the Educational Psychologist too to have examples rather than just speaking about it.

Oh well lets await a report and see what happens from there, maybe if it comes back he’s fine I will show school the work at home, but then when I look at his school work I can see the same things in there.

Maybe some of his teachers just can’t be bothered to understand and work with him?  Some are fabulous tho and a true credit to the profession.   Maybe the unhelpful ones shouldn’t be teaching?

I guess time will tell on how things go and in the mean time Oliver carries on struggling and losing interest in school, the scary thing is this could carry on, unless something changes.


When something goes right

A proud moment here, my son as you have seen from other posts loves football more than anything else.   To help keep in happy and active in the holidays he generally does a football holiday camp with Chelsea FC foundation, I have to say I loved them amazing coaches who go above and beyond with all children.  My son today was awarded the Head Coach Player of the week trophy today for giving it his all for the last four days.    He is so happy its unreal and really proud of himself and its helped his confidence today as well.  He always comes home having had a really good day, going over skills and then mini games in the afternoon, he’s always hot and sweaty from working so hard, but it shows that even with additional needs our children can still shine in a mainstream holiday camp.  He even does their invitation only club on a Friday evening and I am sure when he is back after half term he will go in with a little more confidence 🙂


Also on a positive note had to go to the GP for a referral to OT as school had requested it and the GP has done the referral for us. (yepiee) so now we need to see if we get an assessment with OT and possible help again.  So many issues there not just handwriting.



The fight has begun.

So after emailing school requesting a meeting and waiting quite a few week with no reply and chasing finally I got a call from Oliver’s tutor who took on all my concerns and dealt with the ones he could and sent the rest to the SENCO.  I still haven’t had a meeting yet but I did get a call from her, who I feel palmed me off.  One good thing is they are re-testing for certain things to find out if support needs to be put in.  Oliver has now done these tests and we are awaiting the results but then if he passes them then school won’t do any more for him.    But how can they not when he failed a English SAT and his English grade hasn’t changed since starting the school 2.5 years ago.  But from the SENCO saying they have no TAs as they have left and all others are with children who have plans.  Doesn’t she get that this is what we want for Oliver for him to have support and no longer going under the radar like he currently is.  I was told now he is year 7 there is nothing they can do for his handwriting other than a laptop as he should have had help in year 5 which is a joke as I have been asking for this since year 5 when he started.  I guess it is waiting for a call or meeting to find out results and what happens next and then if no joy or no one listens then my next plan is too go to the head and higher.


I guess it’s let the fight carry on and never give up.

When life gives you lemons!

When life gives you lemons fight back and make Lemonade!


So at recent CAMHs appointments and other I have been asked if Oliver has an ECH plan, nope he doesn’t!  Why ?  Well Oliver holds it all together at school and on their creditors (reward system) he is in the top 10 for his whole year (about 120 children) He is wonderful at school and they don’t see any issues.

Oliver explodes once he is home from school where he feels safe and isn’t judged, of course of things are really bad the I email in to school, some times getting a reply and sometimes not.

With half term now up on us and Oliver having a chance to decompress I am on a mission to fight back with school.  Will I get anywhere who knows but I have massive issues.

So I guess this blog is for me to get my head around what I would want for Oliver what are the issues and what I have done so far !

So Oliver has been at this school for 2 and a 1/2 years and in the low years (KS2) he had amazing teachers who understood the issues and supported him,  KS3 he has lots of different teachers and they don’t understand him.  When I went in at the start of term I was given a quick 20 minute meeting to be told they have no concerns and my concerns were they have seen and worked with worst.

Oliver’s handwriting is awful, I can’t read it and he has been told by his science teacher she is unable to read it and he has to do something else when the others are writing, how is that helping  ?  This was one of my concerns at the start of the year which according to the SENCO and his tutor isn’t an issue?  I have to teach him touch typing for them to think about allowing him a computer in school.  I would work on hand writing at home like we have done before under his good teachers but nothing has come home to help us.

Teachers haven’t understood his condition resulting in me emailing in, which one email I had a reply the other ignored and both ignored by the SENCO.

So how do I get and ECH plan when they think nothing is wrong, how do I get the support for handwriting when they’ve seen worst?

A email has gone into school requesting a meeting I believe I need to sit down and come up with my concerns and Oliver’s and see what happens and maybe ask CAMHs to help.

I am not the only parent who has had issues with school and the SENCO.

What would you suggest to help or advise?


I shall keep you posted x


Morning Meltdowns

Morning Meltdowns !


Each morning is a battle ground,


Oliver wakes up at around the same time every morning, he has now learnt to come downstairs and have a biscuit and start and watch tv and that all goes fine it is when breakfast is done and it is time to get ready for school.


Oliver knows what to do or does he? He should brush teeth, wash his face, then get dressed for school and then he should be making his bed. He then has a little down time and then it is time to have his tablet and to get his shoes and coat on. Bag packing, lunch box, snack and water bottle are all done by either myself or my husband.


But Oliver goes into meltdown once breakfast is eaten and he is asked to get ready for school the fun starts 😦


He has to be given one command at a time, ie brush teeth, and once he is dressing it is normally he has been told or had to be told what to put on one item at at time. He is also asked more then once to do something for example put his jumper on. But being asked more than once he thinks you are nagging at him and he goes into meltdown and he gets angry and struggles to cope.


Meltdowns come with tears, shouting and shut down, then causes him to struggle to carry on with the same tasks. Sometimes a cuddle will help and he then carries on getting ready and taking instructions, You have to be careful how you give the instruction on what you want him to do as he does understand tones and can misread your tones and commands.


How can mornings be made easier?

How can Oliver be taught to cope before he has been given his medical?


I know if he changed his medication from a 8 hour tablet to a 12 hours and he had it before breakfast then he would possible be able to cope with getting ready for school his head would be quieter and clear for him to cope with normal everyday tasks. But this is something I am unsure on! I want Oliver to learn to cope with this every day normal tasks without medication. Something that is very hard at the moment.

Parent Evening

Once again it was that time of year again parent evening, all in all a very good one 🙂


Comments from Oliver’s teacher where “well behaved, good manners always saying please and thank you and opening and holding doors open for others”


I am so proud of him for this as good manners are important in life, with his conditions it can be hard to teach him manners and understanding the importance of them, thankfully he seems to understand them if he doesn’t then he knows how to use them.


Work wise he is doing well and answering more in class however he does have a problem of not listening to other and their views 😦 This is something his teacher is trying to teach him but I am unsure with the Asperger’s if she will ever get him to understand other’s views when he has his own and one way thinking, but it is something good to work on with him.


He did get upset when I told him that we are going to try and bring in joined up handwriting, this is something he has always struggled with through out his school life and one thing he hates handwriting. But being joined up might help him flow more with his writing, I think his fears come from previous years where they have pushed for joined up handwriting rather than teaching him the basis first and then when he has done it the handwriting has been messy and he has been told off for it. Oliver can struggle with writing there is too much to think about for him, sentences, handwriting, spelling, punctuation and the list could go on. This is all too much information for him to take in and process at the same time and this is where our troubles lie. Having said that he is making massive improvement and only time and Oliver will tell.


My homework with his is to try and get him to do more interesting sentences for his homework, this is an on going one lol