So after emailing the governors of the school, who did email me back to say they would chase school and I will get a reply directly, you guess it weeks on and still no reply.  I emailed the head of their academy trust, her PA got back to me to say they would look into things and arrange a meeting a day later a meeting is set with the head of the trust and the school!  So in 3 days we have had a meeting arranged but still nothing from the school in question. But not the head of the school isn’t facing us, why would he do that when we can’t even reply to a letter, so we have the pleasure of the deputy head!  I am ready to fight but having a feeling school will turn things on us and say we are over reacting to everything.  still no surface so that is now 8 weeks on so a whole term in there!


Feeling happy about a meeting finally but still feel we have a long way to go with them and things won’t ever change!




Sorry blogging again as I need to vent and get things clear in my head and this is one way that helps me.

So Oliver comes out of school very angry, an incident happened in his English class were the class were misbehaving and the teacher gave out dentitions etc Oliver not being one of them.

But in tutor time another teacher goes in and tells him off and threatens him with a phone call home when he has done nothing wrong but the ones who had dentitions don’t get spoken to and the tutor for Oliver says and does nothing.

The thing is the tutor and this teacher know his conditions spoke to him in front of the class.  The teacher who came in also teachers Oliver and knows him well.  Angry is not the word at the moment.

I have emailed into his tutor, teacher involved and his English teacher to get their side of things and why they took this action. I have already emailed then heads on other issues, parents evening will be fun and heads will roll.



When life gives you lemons!

When life gives you lemons fight back and make Lemonade!


So at recent CAMHs appointments and other I have been asked if Oliver has an ECH plan, nope he doesn’t!  Why ?  Well Oliver holds it all together at school and on their creditors (reward system) he is in the top 10 for his whole year (about 120 children) He is wonderful at school and they don’t see any issues.

Oliver explodes once he is home from school where he feels safe and isn’t judged, of course of things are really bad the I email in to school, some times getting a reply and sometimes not.

With half term now up on us and Oliver having a chance to decompress I am on a mission to fight back with school.  Will I get anywhere who knows but I have massive issues.

So I guess this blog is for me to get my head around what I would want for Oliver what are the issues and what I have done so far !

So Oliver has been at this school for 2 and a 1/2 years and in the low years (KS2) he had amazing teachers who understood the issues and supported him,  KS3 he has lots of different teachers and they don’t understand him.  When I went in at the start of term I was given a quick 20 minute meeting to be told they have no concerns and my concerns were they have seen and worked with worst.

Oliver’s handwriting is awful, I can’t read it and he has been told by his science teacher she is unable to read it and he has to do something else when the others are writing, how is that helping  ?  This was one of my concerns at the start of the year which according to the SENCO and his tutor isn’t an issue?  I have to teach him touch typing for them to think about allowing him a computer in school.  I would work on hand writing at home like we have done before under his good teachers but nothing has come home to help us.

Teachers haven’t understood his condition resulting in me emailing in, which one email I had a reply the other ignored and both ignored by the SENCO.

So how do I get and ECH plan when they think nothing is wrong, how do I get the support for handwriting when they’ve seen worst?

A email has gone into school requesting a meeting I believe I need to sit down and come up with my concerns and Oliver’s and see what happens and maybe ask CAMHs to help.

I am not the only parent who has had issues with school and the SENCO.

What would you suggest to help or advise?


I shall keep you posted x


My last two blogs have been quite down as things have seem to be on a downward spiral. Well today started like the rest of the week has horrible, Oliver has melted down over most things, tiny things. Today was no better, he was blowing things out of proportion this morning saying that people had done things they hadn’t and nothing we said made any difference.

Knowing he had one more school performance didn’t help and I did think about keeping him at home, but knowing that wasn’t the right answer his dad came up with a great idea, Oliver’s birthday is this Sunday (and as I have been told by Oliver mothers day is cancelled)

We had an early present for Oliver which we where going to give him tomorrow but thinking it might help we gave him two presents early, this new Reading Football T-Shirt and tickets to see a game tomorrow with his dad.


OMG did it change his mood into the happy Oliver we all know and love, he was full of excitement telling us information about Reading Football Club we didn’t think he knew. I am so pleased he liked this present as I was worried he wouldn’t Oliver can open a present and show no emotion at all, even if he loves it, leaving you feeling you have done the wrong things, but not this morning 🙂

I am hopping this makes his day a lot better and gives him something to look forward too and focus on.

I can only hope he is still happy after school and nothing has gone on to ruin his day, but thank goodness for the weekend and no school.



School Show

Well it’s that time of year again, the School’s Easter Show! This should be a happy time the children perform for parents etc but for a child with ASD and ADHD this is a nightmare.

As the week and the show have gone on Oliver has gone into meltdown a lot more, getting him into school is becoming hard or not into school as such more into the playground because once he is in the playground and seeing his friends he appears to be fine.

After the third show and with a show this evening, Oliver has become horrid, he is going into meltdown over nothing, reading and spelling was hard to complete with him this evening. When I question him (yes I did try) he told me that he had no sympathy at school when I asked him what he meant he told me “I had chest pains at school today”

He has been suffering from chest pains before a performance and all the teaching staff are saying to him is that it is nerves! YES IT IS BLOODY IS NERVES HE IS A CHILD WITH SPECIAL NEEDS ! He has had them before a performance and while performing, why do school think it is important to put a child through this much pain I would be and I am sure Oliver would be more than happy not to take part. If he was a child that loved to perform then I would be more than happy for him to take part to even encourage it, but when it isn’t his interest it’s hard work. Even if I went into school to say he isn’t performing then all I would get from them is it it character building.

They all so wouldn’t see the problem as Oliver doesn’t meltdown in school it show his emotions he leaves it for when he gets home so every time something upsets him and I go into school they don’t see the problem. I wish for once he would show them what he shows me and maybe just maybe they would understand more.

I feel as a parent with a child with these or any conditions no one understands unless they themselves are going through a similar experience. Training courses don’t always help the real training is living with this every day. That is even if school send anyone on any training course, which at the moment I am thinking not!

Oh well two more to go tonight and Friday, maybe then things will get better at least we have his birthday soon to look forward too.

Strange day

Well another working day for me and a good one at that, instead of doing my normal shift Over time has come back and in short flexing up has come back so back in work Friday this week,

Things have been strange at home and I think Oliver is picking up on that at the moment, he says he has had a good day at school but is out of character tonight and doing homework was a really struggle having said that he has 3 lots of pages of phonics and then literacy of adding things to words to make another word then having to do sentences for them which I have to say we are leaving until tomorrow to do the sentences after forcing him to sit for an hour with a few breaks I thought i would admitted defeat tonight and try again tomorrow. He has managed to complete some homework this evening.

A big one for me was doing a phonics word search all by himself normally I have to help as too many letters are confusing and looking at the spelling of the word and finding it can be hard. Also Oliver has perception problems which can make it trickier… But not tonight Oliver completed it all by himself so proud of him for that.

Sometimes the pressure on children can be so hard they have all day at school to learn and have so much thrown at them and then to come home to more of it … when are children giving the time to be children now days .. they have so much demanding their time when is there time to chill out … My daughter is still trying to complete her homework 😦

So many other strange things have happened other than to do with children… friends turning against you for no reason .Thinking that everything you you write or do is about them and writing nasty status of Facebook and calling you a liar and childish when it is in fact them.   Trying to make you jealous by checking in doing silly things and saying what a fab time they are having if you are having that amount of fun how can you find the time to post it on Facebook.  No  one actually cares about what you are doing you could be doing all sorts no one cares …

As for the fact i am childish did you look in the mirror ??? I have slagged you off behind you back you are joking when and to whom.   and have you told the countless people you  have slagged off behind their back what you have done .. no didn’t think so.

I believe I am no longer playing … I have a life to be getting on with and more important things to sort out and worry about I am the negative one lol life can make you neagative but not all the time.

Strong and positive and weeding out crap will help to stay strong.