Half Term

I haven’t been able to blog for a while as it’s been half term and that can always keep us busy.  Well normally in half term we put Oliver into a football club to help him have routine and doing something he loves, this half term we choose to let Oliver chill out at home as he had been doing so much sport this last term we thought he his body would like some time off.

I think we were wrong, Oliver although he chilled out a lot and he was good, he missed have the routine and something to do each day.   He got bored very quickly, we did lots of dog walks to go out with the football and he even got his scooter back out this week which was lovely to see.  I don’t think his body liked not doing any sport either, and by yesterday Oliver was looking really down and fed up which he had been like that most of the holiday, but sometimes it takes us parents a while to workout what is going on when your child can’t explain anything to you.

One sure fire way to help was his dad was going to go for a run yesterday and Oliver wanted to go with him, and yet again he loved it and come back feeling much better.  So note to self book a football club in future holidays.

I am luckily that Oliver has an xbox but he isn’t happy playing on it for hours on end or his Ipad and that he would rather be so active.

One good thing too was he did some good homework, I gave him his tablet to do this to help and he had to do a drawing of Elizabeth 1, he did a good job and it was great for me to see him on his tablet and how it helps/doesn’t help.    We don’t medicate at home other than for clubs after school this is due to wanting Oliver to eat to help with his weight as his tablet can suppress his appetite.  So when I go to CAMHs I can’t always give the feed back on how he is and have to hope school are giving the right information.  Thankfully I have no concerns with his tablet at the moment 🙂


An ASD mind

How does an ASD mind work?

How can we enter their world to help them?

I don’t think we ever know, the reason for questioning it I guess is a small matter to me but massive to my son time and time again.   He was out with his football today and while playing with it his football has been popped, the devastation and upset this has caused and in the pasted is awful, as much as I can say don’t worry about it we can get you a new one, the hurt for him is awful we have had tears for a football.   He now doesn’t want to do anything and is downright miserable.

I guess when it’s their obsession and something breaks as part of that or goes missing they have to go through their own grieving stage. The broken football is now apart of a football display on top of his wardrobe and we await the arrival of the new football with the hope it will cheer him up.  With one football missing that isn’t to say he doesn’t have other footballs old ones which are still good to use but have been replaced with a newer model they are all in the cupboard awaiting to be used.   I guess the upset is over the fact that the popped ball is his newest one.

Anything with football that becomes old or broken tends to become part of his collection, unless he feels ready to let it go to another child, such as shirts, shorts and boots, but some remain apart of an ever growing collection.

I guess it is tough for us to understand their world, we can try as much as we like and we can help as much as we can but we never truly know what it is like for them to be them to live in a world they don’t understand, all we can do is love them and support them the best way we can.  In this case lots of hugs, listening and a place for the old football and a new one on the way.

When something goes right

A proud moment here, my son as you have seen from other posts loves football more than anything else.   To help keep in happy and active in the holidays he generally does a football holiday camp with Chelsea FC foundation, I have to say I loved them amazing coaches who go above and beyond with all children.  My son today was awarded the Head Coach Player of the week trophy today for giving it his all for the last four days.    He is so happy its unreal and really proud of himself and its helped his confidence today as well.  He always comes home having had a really good day, going over skills and then mini games in the afternoon, he’s always hot and sweaty from working so hard, but it shows that even with additional needs our children can still shine in a mainstream holiday camp.  He even does their invitation only club on a Friday evening and I am sure when he is back after half term he will go in with a little more confidence 🙂


Also on a positive note had to go to the GP for a referral to OT as school had requested it and the GP has done the referral for us. (yepiee) so now we need to see if we get an assessment with OT and possible help again.  So many issues there not just handwriting.



Holding Back

Holding Back

How many of us as parents hold back our children with Apserger’s and ADHD ? Allowing our children to try something new something they might be success for in or maybe fail, how many of us stop our children taking part for fear of failure, fear of meltdowns?

One thing I have always tried to do it not stop my son for trying new things, I am not sure I have always followed what I set out to do but I do try my best.

For my sons Christmas present he wanted to go to Reading FC holiday soccer school, (He loves football and it is his obsession) So two days was book in October half term and then three days where booked for December. Wow is all I can say.

From the time I booked the holiday course we heard of nothing else and the excitement my son had was massive, he talked of nothing else and I do hope he didn’t annoy his teachers too much.

The morning of the first session came and he was so excited, when we dropped him off he went quiet, I can only think the moment had become to overwhelming for him, he was finally there, he was in Reading FC training dome with Reading Coaches. We left him and I have to say I did nothing but worry all day, would he be ok ? Would I get a phone call? What was happening? But the worry was for nothing, when I picked it him he had taking in his surrounding and settled, he had a blast. A non stop day of football and one more to look forward too he had loved it. He was of course knackered but talked non stop in the car most of his talking was of the children that had broken the rules and had been sent home. (My son when out or in school will stick to rules and doesn’t like it when others break them) It was later in the day and coming weeks we would find out more of what he had done once he had processed what he had done.

The next day he went in a little more confident because he had been there the day before and knew what to expect, they where walked down to watch Reading FC’s first team train in an opening training session and my son loved that, he was a little annoyed that the other boys weren’t so interested in watching the team train. He was taking in everything to learn what he could to take in to his football and his team training sessions. His December training was much the same.

I had done what I wanted to do I had allowed him to go and not let his conditions stop him from doing something he wanted to do. He now would love to be picked for the academy and one day play for Reading FC. This is the one thing I have had to say might not be possible as most boys want to become footballers and not many of them make it. But what a nice dream to have for the time being.