So after emailing the governors of the school, who did email me back to say they would chase school and I will get a reply directly, you guess it weeks on and still no reply.  I emailed the head of their academy trust, her PA got back to me to say they would look into things and arrange a meeting a day later a meeting is set with the head of the trust and the school!  So in 3 days we have had a meeting arranged but still nothing from the school in question. But not the head of the school isn’t facing us, why would he do that when we can’t even reply to a letter, so we have the pleasure of the deputy head!  I am ready to fight but having a feeling school will turn things on us and say we are over reacting to everything.  still no surface so that is now 8 weeks on so a whole term in there!


Feeling happy about a meeting finally but still feel we have a long way to go with them and things won’t ever change!



Enough is enough

When you sit down and take stock of things and think nothing is going to change and you need to push even more than you have, after emailing the head teachers of my sons school  at the end of April with no reply I have now typed a letter to the board of governors at the school.  I will be sending that off today and then we shall see what happens from there, if nothing then I shall go to the head of the partnership as the school is an academy and then I shall do department of education local and then national.   I have also done a parent ofsted questionnaire 🙂

Still no surface for my son with his handwriting and that is a term no now, don’t hold out much hope for next term either, having to go to the GP for a referral to OT as school don’t want to do it as they will be made to support and do something by being told  to go online for resource and support.

Shame as my son isn’t the only SEN child they are failing.



When something goes right

A proud moment here, my son as you have seen from other posts loves football more than anything else.   To help keep in happy and active in the holidays he generally does a football holiday camp with Chelsea FC foundation, I have to say I loved them amazing coaches who go above and beyond with all children.  My son today was awarded the Head Coach Player of the week trophy today for giving it his all for the last four days.    He is so happy its unreal and really proud of himself and its helped his confidence today as well.  He always comes home having had a really good day, going over skills and then mini games in the afternoon, he’s always hot and sweaty from working so hard, but it shows that even with additional needs our children can still shine in a mainstream holiday camp.  He even does their invitation only club on a Friday evening and I am sure when he is back after half term he will go in with a little more confidence 🙂


Also on a positive note had to go to the GP for a referral to OT as school had requested it and the GP has done the referral for us. (yepiee) so now we need to see if we get an assessment with OT and possible help again.  So many issues there not just handwriting.




Sorry blogging again as I need to vent and get things clear in my head and this is one way that helps me.

So Oliver comes out of school very angry, an incident happened in his English class were the class were misbehaving and the teacher gave out dentitions etc Oliver not being one of them.

But in tutor time another teacher goes in and tells him off and threatens him with a phone call home when he has done nothing wrong but the ones who had dentitions don’t get spoken to and the tutor for Oliver says and does nothing.

The thing is the tutor and this teacher know his conditions spoke to him in front of the class.  The teacher who came in also teachers Oliver and knows him well.  Angry is not the word at the moment.

I have emailed into his tutor, teacher involved and his English teacher to get their side of things and why they took this action. I have already emailed then heads on other issues, parents evening will be fun and heads will roll.



The fight has begun.

So after emailing school requesting a meeting and waiting quite a few week with no reply and chasing finally I got a call from Oliver’s tutor who took on all my concerns and dealt with the ones he could and sent the rest to the SENCO.  I still haven’t had a meeting yet but I did get a call from her, who I feel palmed me off.  One good thing is they are re-testing for certain things to find out if support needs to be put in.  Oliver has now done these tests and we are awaiting the results but then if he passes them then school won’t do any more for him.    But how can they not when he failed a English SAT and his English grade hasn’t changed since starting the school 2.5 years ago.  But from the SENCO saying they have no TAs as they have left and all others are with children who have plans.  Doesn’t she get that this is what we want for Oliver for him to have support and no longer going under the radar like he currently is.  I was told now he is year 7 there is nothing they can do for his handwriting other than a laptop as he should have had help in year 5 which is a joke as I have been asking for this since year 5 when he started.  I guess it is waiting for a call or meeting to find out results and what happens next and then if no joy or no one listens then my next plan is too go to the head and higher.


I guess it’s let the fight carry on and never give up.

ECH Plan and School

So after thinking about things a lot more, I have started to look into the Governments website and look more into ECH Plans after seeing a link on social media and knowing you can apply for them yourself, all be it, it would be hard work.

I have started a word document which out lines my concerns and what I want to discuss with school and what I would like them to help with.

Does anyone know if there is a plan/formal support option before a ECH Plan and Statement of Special Needs the same thing or are they different ?

I am thinking of listing my concerns in detail for our meeting we are hopping for  and then I can give school a copy and help me stay on track.

I’m scared school will think why now ?  but then the last 2 years he has had great support and I have already been in this year to be palmed off, now I have to toughen up and not be palmed off and fight my corner.

Wish me luck x

Football and a escape.

Oliver’s obsession is football and a life saver I have to say,  If he’s having a bad day or a bad five minutes then off we go for a walk with a ball at his feet come rain or shine.  Even a pack of football cards can do the trick or watching a match on the TV.

The football cards are a great treat for him coping with the food shop too, as the smells and noise can cause issues or rude people, who like to bang their trolly into you or push you out the way to get somewhere.    Again Oliver can mainly hold it together in the store and it will all hit him once home but if you have the cards then as soon as we come in he takes his cards to his room and gets lost in looking through them and placing them in their folder allowing him time to calm down and re focus and forget about the shopping.

Mobile phones and twitter, the fact Reading FC have a running commentating on their games on twitter means if you have to go to town which again Oliver doesn’t like unless its a sports shop due to sensory issues a child with ASD and ADHD would have, it helps to keep him calm and safe as he can stop every now and again and check the score or whats happening in the game, and then we can carry on the shopping trip and Oliver will discuss what he’s just read meaning he isn’t noticing the shopping trip as he is in his own safe world while doing it.

Football clubs, again a life saver, after a bad day at school Oliver will come home and struggle through homework to then be getting ready to go to football club were for an hour or and hour and a half he can be lost in the skills being taught the games being played.  It also helps run off his excess ADHD energy.  It also gives him something else to focus on once home because he can then tell you all about his training session.

Fifa 17 is there for when you can’t take him out with a ball at his feet or he doesn’t have training on, even tho I limited his computer time as so he doesn’t spend all spare time on it.  It again helps him escape and once he’s finished playing he will tell you the score or his team in such a happy carefree way.

Football even effects clothing, Oliver only wears football tops, shorts and jogging bottoms, he will wear jeans on a very special occasion but normal times nope.   Over the years he’s had normal t-shirts etc but he seems to not wear them preferring the football tops I’m guessing with the ASD this is a sensory issue ?  He does wear his school uniform but as soon as he’s home it is off and I guess he has learnt that it has to be worn and he’s got use to the route of wearing it.

Even SKY sports news and any football matches help, when its transfer window you know about it as that is all he talks about.  But on a serious note when he is upset or angry then football helps so much if you talk about anything to do with football then and let him lead the conversation it can calm him down and once a little calmer allow him to explain what has happened to make him so angry or upset and then you can talk more about football allowing him to calm down again before you can carry on the conversation or let him know what plan you are putting into place to help him, this is also where the football at his feet helps as while he is playing he is calming down enough to explain things to you and then you being able to sort them out for him.


So thank  you football for being Oliver’s obsession being  his life saver being his safe world.