Results, meeting and action.

OK, so I have been taking my time in writing this and thinking how best to put it or to get my head around things.

We received Oliver’s Educational psychologist report, while some things were expected some shocked to the core in a good way and bad way, some things went unanswered.

So Oliver had a reading, spelling and Mental Maths test done to start with,  we know he is below age on his spellings and school do units of sound to help him, so he is about 3 to 3.5 years behind.  Reading he is about 2 to 2.5 years behind but we don’t know how many years behind he is on his reading comprehension, however school have done a test for this and we are awaiting the results.  The Ed Psych did say his reading comprehension would be lower than a child of Oliver’s age due to his  ASD.  We know Maths is Oliver’s strong point more so his Mental Maths well the results came back as age 18+ yep you did read correctly 🙂  amazing and something to be so proud off and it has given him a little confidence boast.

However the working memory test was done in 2 parts and one part Oliver was average and the other he was well below average at the age of a 5 year, no wonder he struggles and can’t write anything from the board down in his book or homework planner, as once he has read it he has forgotten it.

The comments from his tutor hurt as he has always said everything is fine and even teachers at parents evening, but in the report not all is fine!  Oliver is very dependent on his teachers and his focus isn’t always good, if work isn’t good enough and teachers tell him he gets moody with them.  All this tho should be reported back to the SENCO which it isn’t so no wonder they are telling me there is no problems and making me look a negative parent when no one is talking to anyone. To top it all due to Oliver’s needs he is on the SEN register at school so they should know all this.

I was happy with the report but some concerns I had still haven’t been address such as English issues like SPAG and reading.  But we shall see how things go with that.

Recommendations have been put in the report and I really hope they are taken on board and put into action.

1. is teachers need to not comment on Oliver’s writing but to help him set it out in a neater way and accept his handwriting ways.

2. Smaller and clearer instructions have to be given to Oliver to help him work a little bit more independently and not be overwhelmed or not understand the task at hand.

3. More positive feedback has been to given to him but also why he is getting the good feedback, such as that is a good piece of work you have explain this very well.

4. He needs help with writing down the homework in his journal as he will miss information.

Along with more …

Since having the report and going through it I did email school to request a meeting which has now taken place.  The school were sorry for not picking up sooner Oliver’s memory issues which was good, at least now we know and we can move forward.  I did explain how I felt about the tutor comments and lack of communication with staff, and the not being honest with me.  I am hoping this is something they will address but time will tell.

Oliver in his primary school had aqua paper and reading ruler to help him which is something that was said in the report and now his school have given him both to use to see if it helps him this was given to him in the meeting and without me saying or asking for it, they acted on the report.

Oliver has been given a lamented list with some of the key recommendations for him to show his teacher every lesson to remind them of his needs and help Oliver to take and active approach to his learning.  Even tho the report has gone onto the system and key points has been put on to his notes and emailed out to teachers this list has been given to him to give them a reminder as teachers can forget with the volume of child they teach.

School are still awaiting the results of the reading test so as of yet we don’t know where we stand with this but once we have the results then it will give us a level and recommendations of books Oliver could be reading, which might help.

School are looking at a new structure to help with SPAG so once they know if they are going to use it, information will be coming home to help Oliver which is great.  It’s a once again watch this space…

Meetings will happen once a term now, to discuss concerns and to see the improvements and if anything needs to be changed, which is great going forward again.

I just hope teachers put into place the recommendations to help Oliver.

More so Oliver is still amazing and I am so proud of him, this report I just want to help him 🙂