Return to school.

It’s always tough going back to school after the holidays, but even more difficult for a child with chronic pain and fatigue.  My daughter got up this morning and all ready for school but after a week off and being able to relax you would have thought she would be going in fresh and refreshed ready for the new term, instead she has gone in looking exhausted and like she has never been off.   We haven’t done much this half term either so to give her that time out she needs but still doing enough that we don’t lose what we have worked up to so far, a day at the coast, cinema and some homework and dog walking.

With this being the last term of school I am hopping the pressure might come off a little bit, no big end of year tests like last term and no projects, but we shall wait and see and if they do come along then we shall just face them head on like we have being doing since October.  Even tho Rachel loves the projects, she puts so much into them and they I am afraid to say take so much out of her, but then she wouldn’t have it any other way and she certainly wouldn’t put less effort into them.

Only time will tell this term on how things go for both children, lets hope it’s a good one.




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