Sorry blogging again as I need to vent and get things clear in my head and this is one way that helps me.

So Oliver comes out of school very angry, an incident happened in his English class were the class were misbehaving and the teacher gave out dentitions etc Oliver not being one of them.

But in tutor time another teacher goes in and tells him off and threatens him with a phone call home when he has done nothing wrong but the ones who had dentitions don’t get spoken to and the tutor for Oliver says and does nothing.

The thing is the tutor and this teacher know his conditions spoke to him in front of the class.  The teacher who came in also teachers Oliver and knows him well.  Angry is not the word at the moment.

I have emailed into his tutor, teacher involved and his English teacher to get their side of things and why they took this action. I have already emailed then heads on other issues, parents evening will be fun and heads will roll.




Complaint time.

When you have completely had enough and you finally do it.


After phone calls to the SENCO and getting no where or not being listen too, I have finally sent a complaint into the dual head teachers.  I have written this letter so many times and deleted it but now with no action being taken and the SENCO not taking things seriously I have finally done it, I am not sure I am ready for the fight or response but hey ho lets see how it goes, the next few days will be a state of panic I think.


But when the SENCO does a test and says no support can be put in because your child passed the test and yet all reports are telling you otherwise it doesn’t work anymore also to say they will do stuff at the start of term and it hasn’t happened not happy, I know schools take a while to get going and sort stuff but when they said it will be done and it isn’t after a few weeks how long do you give it ?  If I leave it, it will then be but we are at the end of term and nothing can be done and then we are close to the end of the year so nothing will be done and then another year is over and done with and they haven’t done what they said they would do. Hence the battle will start again the following term and year.


Time to be brave and fight for what I believe, it isn’t even like I am asking for the world!  I have also requested a meeting with all Oliver’s teachers and the Heads to work as one now so lets hope 🙂