ECH Plan and School

So after thinking about things a lot more, I have started to look into the Governments website and look more into ECH Plans after seeing a link on social media and knowing you can apply for them yourself, all be it, it would be hard work.

I have started a word document which out lines my concerns and what I want to discuss with school and what I would like them to help with.

Does anyone know if there is a plan/formal support option before a ECH Plan and Statement of Special Needs the same thing or are they different ?

I am thinking of listing my concerns in detail for our meeting we are hopping for  and then I can give school a copy and help me stay on track.

I’m scared school will think why now ?  but then the last 2 years he has had great support and I have already been in this year to be palmed off, now I have to toughen up and not be palmed off and fight my corner.

Wish me luck x


2 thoughts on “ECH Plan and School

  1. There is a special educational needs support plan that come before a EHC plan. The school will have a special educational needs co-ordinatror (SENCO) that would be responsible for putting this in place. I’m not 100% sure but in your case I would expect one to already be in place. If there isn’t it is totally reasonable for you to ask for one to be done and make sure you get a copy. It will state what support will be given- then at least you have something to hold them to and make sure they are fullfilling the plan. In my experience it is the first step before the EHC plan.

    Hope this helps; I wish you all the luck in the world.

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