Hello All,

It’s been a while since I have blogged and I really must start to get back into the habit of it, even if no one reads my blogs it’s a way of me distressing, collecting my thought and putting things back in perceptive or even venting.

Living with a child if not preteen with ASD and ADHD can be very tough but then it can also be so rewarding when you look on the unique way of things and there funny little characters.  How they see the world in a different way but also how they can see the truth in things.

Also living with a teenager who suffers from Chronic Pain and fatigue  all from having a nasty virus in September and now their world and yours is turn upside down, things that where possible only a few months ago are now impossible.  Learning to live differently and adjust is a big step but a step my teen has taken in her stride and one step at time too.  Don’t get me wrong she has had some very dark days but with love and support things can shine through, acceptance is a big key and her being brave enough to speak about it not just to us as a family but also being brave enough to tell people in a school setting.

I am always amazing at how children/young adults deal with illness. They seam to take it all in their stride, never questioning why me? Dealing with what life has thrown at the them in the most amazing way, working out the new path they now must travel, I wonder how many adults would be the same?

Time to sign off for now, hopefully I shall find the time to be back soon 🙂



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