New School

Well since September Oliver has been in a new school after our move at the beginning of the year and so far things have gone well.

Before he started school allowed a few visits a different times for Oliver to see what goes on in the school day, the sound of the bell, the lunch hall, break time and more he met his teacher and spent time in the classroom before starting as well. All these things helped him look forward to starting a new school.  Once he started the help hasn’t stopped and he has weekly groups for different things and with others in his class as well.

We are two terms in and  Oliver loves school something we have never had, he has been moved to top set in maths and they can see how bright he is and what he excels in and what he needs help in.  He has and extra reading diary and reading book as that is one of his weakness and one of his hates.

With out being rude he is in a school with children that have other learning difficulties and he doesn’t stand out any more he has a another child in his class with ASD and Oliver’s reply to me was he is he doesn’t feel stupid or different because he knows someone else who has the same as he does. I thought that was lovely as one thing we tried to do is not make Oliver feel different or not allow him to try the new things he wants to.

As parents we are pleased with the schools support and I do hope it carries on, but for most of all we are happy that Oliver is happy. Now he is happy we have less meltdowns after school he is now able to keep up with all school work, there isn’t the pressure there any more he can do things in his time, not be rushed and have a high level to achieve then he did before. Lets hope this carries on. 🙂


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