Holidays. and No Meds.

Week one is down of the Easter Holidays, I think it has gone well. Oliver is much more relaxed this holiday and some days he has asked not to have his meds, which I did agree too and all has seemed to have gone well, he didn’t focus on anything and moved from activity to activity quite a lot, and to others this could have annoyed them but it didn’t bother me or Oliver I knew the reason why and was happy he was happy and there is times when he has to deal with his condition without having meds, he can’t have them 24 hours a day. We didn’t have many meltdown either which has been great.


Also by not giving him meds, it gives Oliver a chance to deal with his condition and learn to cope with the symptoms and emotions that come with it (Sounds heartless I know) but I don’t want Oliver to always have his meds to deal with his condition, and shut it out, and also as the meds, suppress his appetite by no meds it gives him a chance to eat and gain so much needed weight, and eat me out of house and home lol.


I know there are some children that needs meds all the time otherwise they don’t cope and I am not against that, but as Oliver grows up he needs to learn and understand his conditions and he has to be the one in control of them, learning the times he needs meds, and what feelings come with things, One thing I wish I could understand and help him with but is something I will never be able to understand, only understand how I see it not him.


As a child grows up you need to begin to let go a little but still help and support and I would never allow Oliver to do something that would cause him distress and harm.


Even tho last week was quite chilled this week is starting on a different foot, Oliver is either coming down with an illness or he is beginning to fear the return to school. Such a shame if this is the case as he still has a week to enjoy but for our children the fear of school can cause us massive problems. It can ruin a day out, holidays from start to finish as the child knows they have time off but they have to go back to school at some point or it can be the other way around, the no routine and routine change from the no longer being at school in a structured environment knowing what will be coming next.


Well lets see what this week has in-store for us and also what will happen when we have the return to school.


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