Weekend and Birthday

Well after a week of hassle we had a lovely weekend, celebrating Oliver’s Birthday, he loved all his present and even took time to read the labels and see who they were from lol normally he just rips the paper open.


Oliver had a lovely time watching his first Reading game and is already planning his next one, they drew 1-1 against Huddersfield. He came home with a goalie shirt as well as the away shirt we had brought him for his birthday to wear to the match.


Oliver received lots of money for his birthday and he brought a new bike with it.

After taking a while to choose the bike we had halfords build it for us and it was meant to be collected yesterday, Oliver came home very excited that he would be getting his new bike and he waited for his dad to come home and then off they went to get the bike only to get there and be told they had forgot to build it. Yes I am not very happy and called the store manager to complain and I have to say I wasn’t happy with his explanation. I explained you can’t do this to children and not one who has Autism as they don’t understand. As you can guess we had the upset and meltdowns when he got back from the disappointment of not having his new bike. So I am hopping Oliver will be happier tonight and also get his bike!


On a plus note it is wheelie day in school today for children who haven’t lost golden time the last two terms and Oliver and his Sister haven’t lost golden time still and where able to take in the early Easter present of the stunt scooters (I couldn’t fit bikes in my tiny car 😦 ) to enjoy at school, so I hope the weather is nice for them.


I am hopping with this being the last week of term and the Easter holidays around the corner we might have a better week but lets wait and see.




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