School Show

Well it’s that time of year again, the School’s Easter Show! This should be a happy time the children perform for parents etc but for a child with ASD and ADHD this is a nightmare.

As the week and the show have gone on Oliver has gone into meltdown a lot more, getting him into school is becoming hard or not into school as such more into the playground because once he is in the playground and seeing his friends he appears to be fine.

After the third show and with a show this evening, Oliver has become horrid, he is going into meltdown over nothing, reading and spelling was hard to complete with him this evening. When I question him (yes I did try) he told me that he had no sympathy at school when I asked him what he meant he told me “I had chest pains at school today”

He has been suffering from chest pains before a performance and all the teaching staff are saying to him is that it is nerves! YES IT IS BLOODY IS NERVES HE IS A CHILD WITH SPECIAL NEEDS ! He has had them before a performance and while performing, why do school think it is important to put a child through this much pain I would be and I am sure Oliver would be more than happy not to take part. If he was a child that loved to perform then I would be more than happy for him to take part to even encourage it, but when it isn’t his interest it’s hard work. Even if I went into school to say he isn’t performing then all I would get from them is it it character building.

They all so wouldn’t see the problem as Oliver doesn’t meltdown in school it show his emotions he leaves it for when he gets home so every time something upsets him and I go into school they don’t see the problem. I wish for once he would show them what he shows me and maybe just maybe they would understand more.

I feel as a parent with a child with these or any conditions no one understands unless they themselves are going through a similar experience. Training courses don’t always help the real training is living with this every day. That is even if school send anyone on any training course, which at the moment I am thinking not!

Oh well two more to go tonight and Friday, maybe then things will get better at least we have his birthday soon to look forward too.


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