Morning Meltdowns

Morning Meltdowns !


Each morning is a battle ground,


Oliver wakes up at around the same time every morning, he has now learnt to come downstairs and have a biscuit and start and watch tv and that all goes fine it is when breakfast is done and it is time to get ready for school.


Oliver knows what to do or does he? He should brush teeth, wash his face, then get dressed for school and then he should be making his bed. He then has a little down time and then it is time to have his tablet and to get his shoes and coat on. Bag packing, lunch box, snack and water bottle are all done by either myself or my husband.


But Oliver goes into meltdown once breakfast is eaten and he is asked to get ready for school the fun starts 😦


He has to be given one command at a time, ie brush teeth, and once he is dressing it is normally he has been told or had to be told what to put on one item at at time. He is also asked more then once to do something for example put his jumper on. But being asked more than once he thinks you are nagging at him and he goes into meltdown and he gets angry and struggles to cope.


Meltdowns come with tears, shouting and shut down, then causes him to struggle to carry on with the same tasks. Sometimes a cuddle will help and he then carries on getting ready and taking instructions, You have to be careful how you give the instruction on what you want him to do as he does understand tones and can misread your tones and commands.


How can mornings be made easier?

How can Oliver be taught to cope before he has been given his medical?


I know if he changed his medication from a 8 hour tablet to a 12 hours and he had it before breakfast then he would possible be able to cope with getting ready for school his head would be quieter and clear for him to cope with normal everyday tasks. But this is something I am unsure on! I want Oliver to learn to cope with this every day normal tasks without medication. Something that is very hard at the moment.


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