Parent Evening

Once again it was that time of year again parent evening, all in all a very good one 🙂


Comments from Oliver’s teacher where “well behaved, good manners always saying please and thank you and opening and holding doors open for others”


I am so proud of him for this as good manners are important in life, with his conditions it can be hard to teach him manners and understanding the importance of them, thankfully he seems to understand them if he doesn’t then he knows how to use them.


Work wise he is doing well and answering more in class however he does have a problem of not listening to other and their views 😦 This is something his teacher is trying to teach him but I am unsure with the Asperger’s if she will ever get him to understand other’s views when he has his own and one way thinking, but it is something good to work on with him.


He did get upset when I told him that we are going to try and bring in joined up handwriting, this is something he has always struggled with through out his school life and one thing he hates handwriting. But being joined up might help him flow more with his writing, I think his fears come from previous years where they have pushed for joined up handwriting rather than teaching him the basis first and then when he has done it the handwriting has been messy and he has been told off for it. Oliver can struggle with writing there is too much to think about for him, sentences, handwriting, spelling, punctuation and the list could go on. This is all too much information for him to take in and process at the same time and this is where our troubles lie. Having said that he is making massive improvement and only time and Oliver will tell.


My homework with his is to try and get him to do more interesting sentences for his homework, this is an on going one lol


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