New obsessions coming?

I think we could be moving direction in the obsessions Oliver has, he still likes football and talks and plays it but Tennis and Trains are massively creeping in.

Last week Oliver went to a Tennis club with his Sister, and he loved it! He was in a different group from his sister so didn’t have her around the whole time but he did it and whats more he wants to go after school and learn more about Tennis. Which is great that he has another interest and an interest that will keep him active and healthy rather than sitting on a computer console or always in front of the tv.

Also with Tennis Oliver has to over come so many difficulties with his motor dyspraxia and the need for lots of hand eye coordination which he can and does struggle with, But watching him play in the garden he seems to be overcoming those issues.

Also with him joining a tennis club I am less worried than if he wanted to join a football club, where a lot more issues could and would arise, football in the school playground proves that. As his dad pointed out one problem with football is the amount of cheating that goes on and as a child with Asperger’s Oliver likes to follow the rules and doesn’t understand why people break them and it can cause a lot of confusion while playing football with others. So with the hope that he will be learning in a group environment but playing is single and against someone not as part of a team, I am hoping it will cause less confusion and it will be something Oliver enjoys.

I am sure I will keep you all posted,


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