A day off from meds

The other day we had just come back from holiday and had forgotten to give Oliver his medication, I have to say I will not forget again for him!

He seamed unable to cope with the day, just very emotional and lots of energy which is what we have when meds have worn off but without having them it seems a little more than that?

He said his head felt very busy and I think it was hurting him and he was unable to think or focus on anything and his anxieties were heighten from it causing him more problem.

I am worried maybe he has become reliant on his medication?  He has an eight-hour one and then he has a four-hour one after school which I have to say he can go with out this one, his appetite comes backs and it gives him a chance to eat he only has more energy by not having this four-hour one.  But when he misses the right hour one he is always at home, when no homework needs to be done and he can relax in his own world.

When we forgot the eight-hour one we hadn’t taken him anywhere major just walking the dog something he loves but this time he felt it was all overwhelming.

Has anyone else had this problem or concerns? I would be interest to know.


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