Holiday Blues

Well we have had a lovely week away, doing so much and having so much fun.

Oliver was very excited about the holiday and in the build up to the holiday I kept talking to him about any concerns he had and to see if there was anything I could do to ease them and make him feel more comfortable.

One of those things was what teddies he could take with him, even tho he doesn’t cuddle up to a teddy on a nighttime he still has them sitting on his bed and wanted them to be sitting on his bed on holiday. He also worried about bedding, so I took a sleeping bag for him and his own pillow which help him feel at home and more comfortable and as for sensory issues it already had his own scent on rather than a scent he isn’t used to.


Days out went well too, just sometimes Oliver became bored after a while and became very quiet in those times and I learnt to read the signs to chance things around so  Oliver never became overloads or heading for a meltdown, which left everyone happy and more important Oliver was happy.  Eating out could sometimes become a problem with Oliver not liking what was on the menu or not liking the way things where cook and he did seem to eat the same thing everyday.  I did make sure he had a good breakfast and Lunch to he wasn’t hungry and lots of snacks,  It does make me wonder if we would have be able to go aboard and stay in a hotel?  How would Oliver cope?  something I have to look into in the future.


Drinking 😦  Oliver stopped drinking and at first I couldn’t work out why he was happy to have fruit shoot bottles but no normal squash,  Then I worked out Oliver could taste the difference in the water from home and he didn’t like it so wouldn’t drink it, when i spoke to him about it he said he didn’t like it, (  He never told him he didn’t like it )  I brought him bottle water to make all his drinks and for the rest of the holiday he happily drank, thank goodness for bottled water.


Once home thing became a different matter, Oliver found it hard to settle in when he came home, having meltdowns and being very quite and very emotional,  which we never had on arriving on Holiday, maybe that was because of the excitement and all the fun things he would be doing.  He still after a few days fully settled down at home but with time and patience we will get there.  It does make me wonder what problems I will have with him going back to school in Sept?

At least this holiday he didn’t come down with a sickness bug like the last holiday, 🙂

All in all a positive out look,


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