All hard at the moment, Oliver has moved in to his new class with his new teacher as I again I have said in other blogs but rather than calming down for the end of the year things have stepped up for Oliver. He now gets homework 3 nights a week and the homework is getting harder for him and longer.

 How do I help him or encourage him without giving him the information so he is still learning?  I have increased the amount he has to read every night and he seams to be coping with that and i also ask him to tell me what he has just read so I know he is starting to understand what he is reading. 

When doing handwriting he can do it beautiful, but add a sentence and spelling he struggles, even more so over this week when he has had to learn to put where commas go and where apostrophes  go while writing/coping sentence,  He hasn’t had to make up the sentences but copy them from his homework sheet which again he has struggled with.


Does anyone else have homework problems and how do you deal with them?



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