Good Week

A good week this week, 🙂


Oliver has enjoyed his first week with his new teacher this week and seams to be settling with her 🙂  He is still very worried about who his new TA is and won’t find out till September and I think as she is the one who will do the main one to one things with him he has a right to be worried but i am sure it will all be OK in the end.   He should forget about it over the summer and then worry about it and worry about returning to school come the end of the holidays.


We had a meeting on Friday to make sure all was going OK and was shown some fab handwriting Oliver had done that day, amazing he can do it but when you add spelling, sentences and punctuation that is when it becomes messy and hard for him as he has too much information to process and also too much to think about,  However the sentence he did write you could still read it which again is massive for him and us 🙂


He in this week has also tired after school homework club which he loved doing, when I asked him if he could go he said yes then at bed time changed his mind then in the car on the morning changed his mind again and went. I was half expecting a call to say he was upset could I collect him but he stayed and did his reading as he had no other homework he also had his sister there if he needed her.

He has also tired breakfast club, and love it he didn’t eat anything as there as nothing he like but i wasn’t worried about that as he had breakfast before going,  Not sure what he did or who he played with but he had a good time and went another morning too and again like homework club wants to go again.


So all in all lots of new things and lots of positive things 🙂


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