New Class and more a school

Well the move was Monday!

Oliver came out of school on Monday very happy with his new teacher, he liked her and all seams to have gone well over the last few days.  We just need to see how things go for the next few weeks and also when he goes back in September, with his TA also who will be new to the school.


As going back after such a long time off is always difficult and with a new TA Oliver will have to learn to trust again and learn to talk to them about problems.  He will encounter problems too after being a home for a long time and it will take him time to resettle in.  Time will tell as to what will happen.


We have a brief meeting at school on Friday to see their point of view on the new class change and how Oliver is coping with it, so we will have to wait and see but so far so good.


Also for the first time Oliver attended Homework (prep club) After school with his sister this evening and even tho he had no homework or phonics he had reading to do and they both seamed to enjoy it and wand me to work late again so they can go again which is great. Normally with after school clubs I am collecting Oliver’s sister so I still go in and collect his bags from him and make sure he has everything but this time he had no one there which is what I think worried him a little but it went well.

Oliver now has a reminder in his desk of everything he needs to remember to bring home, It used to be I would go through his bag and send him back in for things which he would forget some if you gave him to much to remember.   But now he remembers as he has a list in his desk which he ticks things off once we has put them in his bag.  I have still be checking his bag which soon I can stop doing as the list is working and also making Oliver more independent.  Which is always a good thing 🙂


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