Well the new class is approaching and new teacher and the worry is setting in with Oliver,  he has had the same ta for the last two years and I do agree he needs a new one so not to become reliant on just one adult in school but I am beginning to worry too.  

With his current TA he has gained trust in her and can talk to her and even tho she said he can come and talk to her next year she won’t be in his class and it won’t be as easy to do.  So Oliver has to get used and trust his new TA which I think is going to be hard for him.  He has to learn to talk to them and to his new teacher as well as them understanding Oliver and his ways 😦

I can foresee hard times ahead of us and I am hoping this won’t stop Oliver’s learning as in recent months we have taken some massive steps forward and I really don’t want to talk too many back, I know with change we will take a few minor ones (At least I hope they are minor!) back but I hope to build of the success of the last few months.

We also have a new SENCO this coming year and with a hand over happening she has been in on our last few meetings with school which I find a positive and I think she will be good and help with the change taking place.


I think this week Oliver has said Hello to his new teacher and I think she said a few words to his class in the lunch hall, which is a good thing to make herself a little more known to the class and Oliver.


Only time will tell with what will happen x


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