Card Albums and Collecting

The Road to Brazil…

This is the new football card album Oliver is collecting, It began when he did great handwriting at school and I said if he carried it on for the rest of the week I would buy him the album.   He got the album, and I have to say was one very happy bunny and he got some extra cards and more when we went shopping.

He loves getting the news cards and he keeps changing his mind on how he sets out this cards in the album, Which can give him half and hour or more of something to do when he takes the cards all out and then puts them back in another way.

As much as I hate these albums as we have had lots of footballs ones and even a trash packs one,  cards everywhere or swaps that get left all over the place.  The cards packs are good for rewarding such as good homework, reading a little more and so on.

Does anyone else collect these and is there a reason for collecting them or is it just because it is related to your special interest?  Do you like laying them out in your own way?


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