Sports Day and new Teacher

What a day!

The weather was OK for us, as I am sat here typing this blog I can see sunshine through the window, but sports day was cloudy with on small shower which we managed to carry on 🙂

Oliver and Rachel did well and tried their hardest and enjoyed the day. Oliver is very competitive and when racing the pure grit and how hard he is trying is writing all over his face.   He doesn’t like to lose either. 😦

Even tho he enjoyed the day and loved racing and doing the round robin of other sports he has seamed to be a little too much for him as since coming home he has taken time out to be on his own and he has gone with in this own world today.  I think that is because he has done something out of the norm to his normal day and also it is a very tiring morning for any child, even Rachel is exhausted.

But a good day was had by all!


Well instead of the letter coming out next week for new teacher the letter came out today, and Oliver is unsure of his new teacher 😦     We do have a meeting a week after him being with his new teacher with the SENCO and we are hoping the teacher will join us as it will be good to find out how Oliver is settling and coping.  I am sure I will blog more on this come the time of change and September.  Only time will tell of what happens 😦


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