Well with a week to go until the class change Oliver is beginning to worry about who is new Teacher will be and Teaching Assistant.


I have spoken to school the week for last about him needing to know and preparing him for such a change but they where unable to tell me saying things could change right up the the last minute.        


School do the right thing in 2 weeks before term ends all children go to their new teacher and class so they don’t worry over the summer, they are told on the Friday and then begin their new class on the Monday.   Now this is fine for a child with out Autism they might get a little worried or scared but they cope.  A child with Autism will not and much planning needs to go into the move,  this I am afraid is where I think school let us down and Oliver with their lack of understanding.


What can I do about it ??

Well for one think I have written it in his home school diary to see if anything is written back or they tell him,   I will speak to his teaching assistant as well about it and maybe something might be done but all else I can do is to tell him not to worry about it and everything will be OK 😦 I don’t think Oliver believes me or understands he just wants to know.


Any other ideas on what I can do ?


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