Class Assembly

Every term school do a Class Assembly if front of parents and some of the other students in the school.  It is a chance to see the children perform and to put together what they have being learning that term.

Well of Thursday was Oliver’s Class Assembly, What a wonderful job at the children did!

As I entered the hall all the class where in the spaces and had to sit nicely and try not to wave a parents, Oliver clocked me and I sat in the middle so I could see him but was not right in front of him, as he seams not to like this.  Parents started flooding in and the other classes started coming in one by one and as I sat there I could see Oliver becoming uncomfortable and anxious.  When this happens I am sitting there worrying because I am unable to get to him to help him and there is no teacher near him to help him or he isn’t give a signal to do if he needs help.  He never gets up and walks over to anyone as he isn’t allowed to move from his spot until this assembly starts and he has the fear of being told off or losing golden time.  Once the assembly starts he seams to calm down a little and all the practice comes in to flow and he now knows what he has to do and he does it.  This time around he spoke more clearly and you heard every word form him, he still doesn’t look at the audience but with a child who has Asperger’s and ADHD and doesn’t give eye contact on a normal day this is understandable.

He managed to do all dances and all songs and I am one very proud mummy.

Well we are coming to the end of the school year and one thing I love about the school Rachel and Oliver go to is 2 weeks before they break up they go to their new classrooms and Teacher, so over the summer they don’t worry over the summer of what the teacher is like etc.   I am sure when this happens I will be blogging about it.


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