Friends House

Oliver came out of school this evening very excited about me talking to another parent for him going around a friends house.


I did speak to the parent and we exchanged numbers for each to go home and check dates, this evening he has text me and Oliver is going around a friends house tomorrow after school.


In one hand I am very pleased he is going around a friends house but on the other had worried.

I love the fact Oliver is so excited and accepted by people in his class and seams to have friends but the scared part is a whole heap of problems. Such as what happens if Oliver doesn’t play the way his friend plays or what happens if Oliver doesn’t want to do something his friend wants to do and Oliver hates eating at a friends house, I can give his favourite dinner but he will always say he doesn’t like it, and when I ask him it is because I haven’t cooked it 😦

Also with being all day at school and being tired I don’t want Oliver to go into Overload 😦

Will his excitement carry him through or their love of football carry them through?

Am I Just worried too much about something that can be so simple and that every child goes through.  It is just with a child with Asperger’s and ADHD they aren’t a normal child and more sensitive to surroundings.  I wan Oliver to do normal things and be as normal as he possible can I try not to stop his reaching what he can achieve, but I want to protect him too and not open him up to bullying about him being different. 


How much do I wrap him up in cotton wool?

I think it is time to let go a little more which for us parents is a hard thing to do.

He maybe different but I wouldn’t have him any other way and will do all I can for him 🙂


On another subject something other than football for the last week Oliver has been creating a power point all about trains and looking all the information up on the web.  I look forward to reading and looking at it once it is finish and maybe I could share some of it.


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