Well the new class is approaching and new teacher and the worry is setting in with Oliver,  he has had the same ta for the last two years and I do agree he needs a new one so not to become reliant on just one adult in school but I am beginning to worry too.  

With his current TA he has gained trust in her and can talk to her and even tho she said he can come and talk to her next year she won’t be in his class and it won’t be as easy to do.  So Oliver has to get used and trust his new TA which I think is going to be hard for him.  He has to learn to talk to them and to his new teacher as well as them understanding Oliver and his ways 😦

I can foresee hard times ahead of us and I am hoping this won’t stop Oliver’s learning as in recent months we have taken some massive steps forward and I really don’t want to talk too many back, I know with change we will take a few minor ones (At least I hope they are minor!) back but I hope to build of the success of the last few months.

We also have a new SENCO this coming year and with a hand over happening she has been in on our last few meetings with school which I find a positive and I think she will be good and help with the change taking place.


I think this week Oliver has said Hello to his new teacher and I think she said a few words to his class in the lunch hall, which is a good thing to make herself a little more known to the class and Oliver.


Only time will tell with what will happen x


Card Albums and Collecting

The Road to Brazil…

This is the new football card album Oliver is collecting, It began when he did great handwriting at school and I said if he carried it on for the rest of the week I would buy him the album.   He got the album, and I have to say was one very happy bunny and he got some extra cards and more when we went shopping.

He loves getting the news cards and he keeps changing his mind on how he sets out this cards in the album, Which can give him half and hour or more of something to do when he takes the cards all out and then puts them back in another way.

As much as I hate these albums as we have had lots of footballs ones and even a trash packs one,  cards everywhere or swaps that get left all over the place.  The cards packs are good for rewarding such as good homework, reading a little more and so on.

Does anyone else collect these and is there a reason for collecting them or is it just because it is related to your special interest?  Do you like laying them out in your own way?

Evening Out

We don’t often go out in the evening,  but last night we took Rachel and  Oliver to the cinema and then out for dinner,

Normally Oliver becomes bored and move about in the cinema and wants to leave or play on a phone and also 3D films are a no go as he says the glasses hurt him even tho he wears normal glasses for school work.



Last night he sat and watch all the film, left the glasses on and had a great time.  It must have been a film he enjoyed, it is hard to find something Oliver likes as sometimes he can have limited interests. 🙂




Sports Day and new Teacher

What a day!

The weather was OK for us, as I am sat here typing this blog I can see sunshine through the window, but sports day was cloudy with on small shower which we managed to carry on 🙂

Oliver and Rachel did well and tried their hardest and enjoyed the day. Oliver is very competitive and when racing the pure grit and how hard he is trying is writing all over his face.   He doesn’t like to lose either. 😦

Even tho he enjoyed the day and loved racing and doing the round robin of other sports he has seamed to be a little too much for him as since coming home he has taken time out to be on his own and he has gone with in this own world today.  I think that is because he has done something out of the norm to his normal day and also it is a very tiring morning for any child, even Rachel is exhausted.

But a good day was had by all!


Well instead of the letter coming out next week for new teacher the letter came out today, and Oliver is unsure of his new teacher 😦     We do have a meeting a week after him being with his new teacher with the SENCO and we are hoping the teacher will join us as it will be good to find out how Oliver is settling and coping.  I am sure I will blog more on this come the time of change and September.  Only time will tell of what happens 😦


Well with a week to go until the class change Oliver is beginning to worry about who is new Teacher will be and Teaching Assistant.


I have spoken to school the week for last about him needing to know and preparing him for such a change but they where unable to tell me saying things could change right up the the last minute.        


School do the right thing in 2 weeks before term ends all children go to their new teacher and class so they don’t worry over the summer, they are told on the Friday and then begin their new class on the Monday.   Now this is fine for a child with out Autism they might get a little worried or scared but they cope.  A child with Autism will not and much planning needs to go into the move,  this I am afraid is where I think school let us down and Oliver with their lack of understanding.


What can I do about it ??

Well for one think I have written it in his home school diary to see if anything is written back or they tell him,   I will speak to his teaching assistant as well about it and maybe something might be done but all else I can do is to tell him not to worry about it and everything will be OK 😦 I don’t think Oliver believes me or understands he just wants to know.


Any other ideas on what I can do ?


Oliver came out of school very excited yesterday he has finally earn’t his pen in school. 🙂

I promised I would take him to the shop that evening to buy him a pen for his homework at home (even tho we have about a hundred pens already at home)   This was the most excited I had seen Oliver with buying anything in such a long time. He came straight home and tried out his new pen and did his homework 🙂 .


Well sports day is coming up this week unless it is rained off and after sports day is the school fair, so a busy week this week with non school uniform (I know what Oliver will want to wear, but do i let him as he has swimming that day and items could go missing?), sports day, school fair, swimming, and for me working 😦

Thank You

I just want to blog again this evening, to say thank you for taking the time to read my blogs x

It is difficult for parents of children with special needs and we have some good and bad days, But I like to share the good and the bad, the worries and achievement.  This is my timeout and my 5 Min’s and sometimes my way of making sense of things and understanding more.

If it helps you that is great and to know you are never on your own this the best feeling.

Just keep smiling.