A lot going on

Sorry I haven’t blogged in a while so much going on 😦

Well were do I start, Oliver’s new medication seams to be going well but we have a meeting at school coming up after half term to see how things are going so hopefully it will follow on from the last meeting and keeps going up.

Chessington at the weekend and Oliver for the first time was tall enough to go on all the big roller coasters and that he did and loved them, is this the adhd and aspergers of no sense of danger or is Oliver like his dad and a thrill seeker with regards to rides.  I have to say I hate roller coasters but had to try them so some one went on with Oilver’s sister so she wasn’t on her own but then again she loves them to, so I am all on my own on that front thank goodness for queue jumping if I don’t go on a ride then at least I don’t have to wait 2 hours for them to queue and go on the ride. Mine you this is a nightmare for Oliver to do, if you queue you have to carry him and him being 8 years old his a hard thing to do this is becuase he doesn’t like being enclosed and with too many people around him which of course happens in a queue.

Week before half term at school was sports week, this is something i would have thought would upset Oliver for the change going on in school but he loved it … sports is his thing 🙂  He loved trying new sports from Indian Dance to Football a sucess and came home full of what he had done with normally I don’t get any information on what happens in Oliver’s day unless there is a major problem.

I am sure I have more to write and I will have to make time so my blogs aren’t mis matched and all cramped in.


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