School Trip

Today Oliver had another school trip!


In previous school trips Oliver has looked forward to them but worried about them for fear he will be with a parent 😦  I have always told him he will be with a member of staff from school because of his condition but he still has worried.  I have told school about this and asked for them to tell him the night before which member of staff he will be with, this has worked for the last couple of trip.   To remind them on this one I wrote in his home school diary asking them to inform him, and when I collected him from school and asked him they hadn’t told him causing him to be anxious.  I managed to speak to the teacher who did check and tell me who Oliver was with, meaning I could calm him with the information that evening.  I am not sure why he worries about what teacher or teaching assitant he is with maybe he has to be comfortable with them and the fear of being with a parent and them not understanding him could be another reason.  Oliver’s teaching assistant wasn’t able to make this one so he went with a new teaching assistant from another class and he was happy with that before and when he came home 🙂


Like all children Oliver does get very excited about the trip, I am not sure how much information he takes in on the trip or how he is 😦  When you ask him what he did and saw all I get his I don’t know, I can’t remember!

He did say that he had a good time which is a good thing and he has come home very tired and has retreated into this own world this evening, is this because he is finally pleased that the day and trip are over or the day has taken a lot out of him with regards overload of information, and anxieties being raised all day with being out of routine? This is something that I am sure I will never know and all I can do it be there to support him if he needs me.


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