Football Mad

I am sure I have mentioned in other blogs how football mad my son is … How do I put this it is his obsession !

You can go out anywhere and Oliver will always talk about football or ask for a phone to check football scores, it doesn’t even have to be his team playing for him to check the scores.   Like tonight his team aren’t playing and get on the TV we have the Champions League Semi Final on and Oliver isn’t full watching it but copying the game with his micro footballers he has collected over the years.


Micro footballers are the really players, we have tried normal plain football figures before but Oliver has never taken to them.  I am sure it is because he has to imagine which figure is what player and he is unable to and with the micro footballers he doesn’t have to do that. The game he plays with them is very much like a really match with not much imagination it is all on facts.

This knowledge of players, teams, leagues and that isn’t only limited to this Country is amazing, even when he was younger and had problems reading he had no problem in ready players names and could tell you a club just by looking at the team badge or kit even if another team has a similar kit he would notice the difference between kits.


I have heard with Children with Asperger’s their obsessions can change a lot and quickly but this obsession has stuck from around the age of 4,


I have to say that this can be tiring at times and annoying when this is all you hear and you could be in a lovely place and all Oliver isn’t bothered about it only football that has been hard to overcome and sometimes still is. Is it healthily to only have one interested, we do try to encourage different ones and he does collect another toy but i rarely see him playing with them or other toys in his toy box.  He only seams to get out micro footballers or a football in the garden or his train but to take the footballers to the match.

I wonder what your children’s obsessions where or yours and how do you cope with them?


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