Well today we spent a cold but good day at the Zoo seeing all the animals.

Oliver seamed to enjoy the day, Looking at all the animals which he loves and going on a little steam train around the zoo, for him i would guess that was the best part.  Anything to do with trains is the best part for Oliver he even found trains while we were driving to the zoo.

This time instead of buying lunch out I packed everyone up a pack lunch which seamed to work so much better for Oliver and he ate it all without any complaining or face pulling or pushing it around his plate because everything in the lunch box he liked 🙂

So much choice Oliver always funs it hard going into the gift shop at the end, his sister could possible buy most of the shop if she had the chance but Oliver can never seam to find anything … He always looks for bouncing balls and nothing much else he even struggled in the Wembley shop.  I am beginning to think it isn’t because he doesn’t want anything or find anything he likes it is more to do with too much choice and he is overwhelm and unable to decide what he wants.  So by looking and going for the same thing he is able to cope.  Today tho as well as buying a bouncing ball he got a drum for his room to go on display.

So all in all with being able to give him a lunch he liked and to allow him again to buy the same thing from the shop a good day was had by all 🙂


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