Well yesterday Oliver went back to Wembley for a stadium tour … His Christmas Present from his uncle and aunt, he went with his dad and had a fab day.

Lots of pictures where taken but when you look at the photos Oliver isn’t smiling and mainly looking away, ūüė¶ I don’t think he likes his picture being taken.

He was alight with information when we came out and had loved every¬†minute¬†of it. He will retain that information for a life time along with all other football information he knows…. He was the capital along with another boy and got to walk out the tunnel first with everyone else on the tour behind both boys, ¬† He was speechless with that but loved it. ¬†Amazing to think my little boy has walked where out from where his hero’s have walked and in the changing room as well.¬†


Some of the information was hard to get out of him and I think he was a little overwhelm by it all … next one will be Manchester United.






One of the best presents he has every had.




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