Well today at school was Oliver’s first swimming lesson.

He was very excited telling everyone and no one he was swimming with school today.

Me being a parent was worried would he listen to what he was being told, would he get confused getting instructions in a group, would he lost clothing, would he be ok changing and drying himself without being told step by step what to do, etc. The list was endless for me and the day was long until he came home.

He came home and was full on what he had learnt, and that he had enjoyed the lesson and was looking forward to next weeks.

I breathed a sigh of relief 🙂 but there is still time for things to be lost etc. But a good start that he enjoyed the first lesson and seems to have listened to instructions.


Well we are meant to have an update meeting with school tomorrow but need to confirm in the morning the senco hasn’t forgotten or anything.

Things now seem to be going well with in school and Oliver seems to be enjoying his first week back.


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