Well what a lovely day here in the UK, the sun has been shining and it has been lovely and warm.   We decided to go down by the river in Windsor for a lovely walk, we took in the sites of Romney Lock and crossing over the bridge to visit Eton.  With all the lovely history and sites to see in Windsor, Oliver was only interested in the train coming down the track to Eton and Riverside Station, having a peep in the station and counting the countless trains.

We stopped off for a lovely lunch and then another walk down to the river followed by and ice cream sat beside the river. Even sat eating our ice cream Oliver was watching the trains from Windsor and Slough,

Amazing, Oliver has liked trains but this has been something that has got stronger as he has got older and after a couple of trips to London, Going on and off trains.  There can be lots of lovely things around him and all he is interested in is trains and tracks.   He would be quite happy to spend the whole day at a station rather than anything else.

These holidays have been good after a few days of adjustment from Oliver and although he seams fine about going back to school tomorrow we still have bed time to come and the whole of the night which is where i can get problems 😦

I hope Oliver will cope with being back at school tomorrow, He will cope within the school day he always does, he seams to save it all up for when he comes home and then it seams to explode out of him with out him having any control over it. Thankfully with time and learning more I am now about to cope and put things in place to help Oliver and help him remained calm, or a little calmer.

New medication has been really good this holiday and I think this will help Oliver a great deal in school with regards to his school work and focusing more … time will tell.  One of the hardest things to do is medicated your child or changing medication but I have to say the benefits for Oliver out weight the bad of not having medication.

I am sure I will be blogging again soon to explain about the happenings of being back at school.


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