3rd day

Well we are on the 3rd day of new medication and all is going well.

We started all the Easter school homework today and normally to get Oliver is do it without meltdowns we needs breaks and encouragement lots of it.


Today was different so Oliver didn’t get confused or overwhelmed with what he had to .. he  concerated on all this work, kept his handwriting even and was able to do it by himself.

I did give him on instruction one at a time IE giving him one sheet of homework at a time so he  didn’t be come confused,

I am surprised all homework is completed, just a few more bits of reading and frequent reading of his phonic words.     

Normally with that amount of homework we spread it over days or give Oliver lots of breaks which he didn’t need today. 

If these tablets work as well in school as at home we are going to be very lucky x


Oliver is coping very well on this new tablets as well which is something I am very proud of him for, he takes each new step with them .


Poor Oliver took a fall yesterday, tired and medication worn off … he drop his ball and went to run after it and fell over a wall face first 😦

He was very upset but more worried about his new ball going away and him not getting it back than hurting himself. Once we reassured him his ball was ok he alloweed us to look at him, he was luckily not to do more damage, he grazed all along his nose, a cut above his lip and a cut inside his lip, he does look in the wars,    After taking him home for some calpol for the pain and to clean it up, this he was very good and just moaned a little about the pain of it being cleaned.


So holidays are going well so far, lets hope they carry on x


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