Well today was Oliver’s 8th  Birthday Party, Football of course 🙂

It as the first party that Oliver’s cousin was able to attend and Megan who isn’t a cousin but a cousin in love and much more 🙂

Oliver’s has been counting down all week for his party and yesterday and today has been very excited at the thought of his party.   He has been picking teams, naming them and much more.

While daddy was playing football with all the boys and the super coaches I was in the party room getting things ready.    Oliver scored a hatrick in the game and his team won 6-3 which is always good for the child of the birthday party,  Oliver also scored the opening goal which made him very happy.

One thing I found out which his dad wouldn’t want me to share but myself and  Oliver did enjoy this … Oliver’s dad was in goal and went to save a goal and his foot got caught in the goal net … which aloud the goal to cross the line. (This is something i wish i had seen rather than hearing about it lol)  His dad was highly embrassed by this but has since found the funny side 🙂


Even in the party room Oliver had a good time eating his pizza and cake and playing with everyone, kicking balloons around and playing it.


Concerning all the noise and hyper of other children Oliver cope so well with no meltdowns or being overwhelmed. I am so proud of him for the way he handled himself and the fun and socialzing that he did today.


To help him recover we did join his cousin in the park after for another run around but Oliver went off to kick a football about with his dad which he loved going into his own world and coming to terms and coping with the events of the party.


Allowing him to come home and be calm and open his presens in his own time. 

Along with another kick about with the football in the garden.


Thank you notes will be done soon but I am wondering if it is worth pushing Oliver to do them all with how much he hates and finds hard writting or if it is worth me doing myself. Something to think about meltdown or quiet?

I hope everyone that came had as much fun as Oliver did and I would like to thank you all for coming and making his party so speical.


Cute quote of the day…

We had to girls of the same name and i said one could be called baby and the other grown up (the baby is 6 months)

Oliver said 


” I know baby Megan isn’t my cousin but can I call her cousin”

to which i replied yes and he was very happy by this.


The little girl is on of my best friends daughter and Oliver’s and his sisters God Mother … so I would have to agree with Oliver in calling her cousin as she is as close as a cousin and loved as much as one. x

2nd day of medication has gone well as well, the normal Oliver still his cheeky side as well as him being calm. so watch this space to see how it goes.


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