New Medication

Well today we started new medication and it is a higher dose and differently to what Oliver is currently on.

After the last time we changed medication from four hours to twelve hours it was awful, Oliver just wasn’t Oliver the dose was far too high and he reacted to it 😦


Oliver became very withdrawn, very unwell, and had major trouble sleeping, the only reason we changed was so school didn’t have to give him a tablet and there was no time in between doses which can cause problems such hyper,  lack of conceration and the fidgets.  Meaning he is unable to complete school work.

This time we have changed from four hours to eight hours and then a four hour but a high dose than currently on, so again we have no dip in medication in the school day and we have the medication at home to help Oliver do his homework and cope with the down time from getting over all anxieties and stress from the school day.  By taking the medication his mind remains calm giving him more time to go into his own world and relax for the evening and helping with the reduction in meltdowns from the stress of the school day.

Oliver was given his tablet this morning and as always was as good as gold taking the tablet more so with it being a different shape and size and colour.


He seams a little quiet at first which did cause me worry but as time went on we seam to have had he normal Oliver just a little calmer lol, He has still be running around the garden playing football, and eaten his normal meals, he hasn’t snacked as much today which is normal for tablets I am told from CAMHs.  


So for the first day I am pleased but lets see how things go in the coming days and weeks.

Something a little light hearted I have added below.

Quote of the day from Oliver

I ask how he was feeling on the new tablets and he seamed to be doing well and very excited.

His reply

“Tablets can’t take the exicement way for my party tomorrow”


Maybe I should write some of the great things down he says and share them on my blog.





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