Eating Out

Eating out has now become a problem 😦


We went out for the day yesterday and had a lovely time but lunch time was hard, and I now have to think more ahead when going out.


When eating out we mainly let Oliver choose where we eat to make sure he is happy, Yesterday was the same Oliver chose where we were to eat and chose what he wanted Fish and Chips and he ordered chips and fish bites the same as what he has if we visit the Fish and Chip shop at home.


We sat down and his order came and he tasted a little bit of it and then was pushing it around his plate, when i asked him if he was OK he said he didn’t feel well and wasn’t hungry which I knew to be untrue as about 5 minutes earlier he had been saying how hungry he was.  I asked him if he didn’t like food and he said YES, so now worried that he was hungry and won’t eat it I gave him some of my meal which he seams to eat and think was OK. 

When I asked him what was wrong with his meal as this is what he has at our Fish and Chip shop the reply I got was chips weren’t as crunchy and it was cooked differently.

Thankfully I have long learned not to push him to eat what he doesn’t like but to leave it making sure he is more upset but it is becoming harder to go out to eat as a family if Oliver has the same things but won’t eat them if they are cooked another way ?


I  am going to have to pack a pack lunch next time in case we have the same problems.

Something so small which we wouldn’t notice is something massive to Oliver 😦


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