New Medication

New Medication 

After visiting CAMHs back in January and chasing them since they have now sent the new prescription over to our doctors which i will be collecting tomorrow.

Oliver is moving from an 4 hour tablet to an 8 hour tablet followed by the 4 hour tablet on and evening to help get the flow through the school break so there is no dip in medication, As at the moment school have to give a tablet which can be a nightmare if the first aider is in a meeting it means the tablet is giving at a different time and affects the next tablet at home. Also Oliver has a period where the tablet wears off and rebuilds in his system which has an affect on his conceration  in lessons and his ability to complete tasks.

It is a high dose so we will be trying him on it at home to see how it goes and how Oliver feels and reacts to it.

So watch this space as I am sure I will find something to blog about with his change.

Wish us luck x


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