Birthday and Easter

Well this weekend was not only Easter for us but Oliver’s Birthday.

For the whole of March we have had more than a couple of times a day how many days until his birthday is and the day before how many hours and minutes until his birthday was.

His Birthday morning arrived and Oliver woke up at 4.30 am and the first thing he said was I am 8 today, which our reply was to go back to sleep for a little longer. 🙂

6 am came (which is the time Oliver gets up every morning if not earlier on some too)  “Can I get up now ” Yes Oliver you can.  Presents where given and he ripped the paper open excited about what was inside, The cards where open and I have to say something I must remember for next year is not to stick the cards down as he seem to have difficult opening them.  He seamed to take a quick look at the cards and then put them to one side.

Once Presents where opened he was on the landing or playing in his room with his new tennis racket and golf club (Oliver loves sports)

The day passed very well, no melt downs which I thought might have come as it is a day for anxieties and out of the norm so to speak,  But Oliver had a great day visiting his favourite shop and then choosing a restaurant of his choice and having a lovely meal.

Oliver had a birthday cake with a firework candle and a sparkle 8 which he loves and the traditional candles for him to blow out which we had to do twice.  It is hard choosing a birthday cake for Oliver as there are many he doesn’t like so the only main option we have is chocolate which means i can’t really get the character ones from the shops as they are normal sponge but the do some lovely chocolate ones.

As the evening drew in Oliver became quite and upset and when we asked him what was wrong it was because his birthday was coming to an end. 😦

All in all a great day for Oliver and the family and whats more I seem to have got the right presents for him this year.


Oliver isn’t really one for Chocolate but he loves getting Easter Eggs, He likes eating the chocolate that comes with the Egg but not the Egg itself?  I am unsure why this is maybe texture or taste or it just been different?  It seems a waste of Eggs (Even tho I am happy to eat the chocolate Oliver doesn’t like)  But maybe I need to speak to family at getting Oliver something different for Easter so he is able to have the full benefit from it.

All in All an excellent weekend nice and relax with no major problems, i wonder if this will carry on into the rest of the holidays??

Birthday Party still to come next weekend 😛

Happy Easter to you all x


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