Football Mad

I am sure I have mentioned in other blogs how football mad my son is … How do I put this it is his obsession !

You can go out anywhere and Oliver will always talk about football or ask for a phone to check football scores, it doesn’t even have to be his team playing for him to check the scores.   Like tonight his team aren’t playing and get on the TV we have the Champions League Semi Final on and Oliver isn’t full watching it but copying the game with his micro footballers he has collected over the years.


Micro footballers are the really players, we have tried normal plain football figures before but Oliver has never taken to them.  I am sure it is because he has to imagine which figure is what player and he is unable to and with the micro footballers he doesn’t have to do that. The game he plays with them is very much like a really match with not much imagination it is all on facts.

This knowledge of players, teams, leagues and that isn’t only limited to this Country is amazing, even when he was younger and had problems reading he had no problem in ready players names and could tell you a club just by looking at the team badge or kit even if another team has a similar kit he would notice the difference between kits.


I have heard with Children with Asperger’s their obsessions can change a lot and quickly but this obsession has stuck from around the age of 4,


I have to say that this can be tiring at times and annoying when this is all you hear and you could be in a lovely place and all Oliver isn’t bothered about it only football that has been hard to overcome and sometimes still is. Is it healthily to only have one interested, we do try to encourage different ones and he does collect another toy but i rarely see him playing with them or other toys in his toy box.  He only seams to get out micro footballers or a football in the garden or his train but to take the footballers to the match.

I wonder what your children’s obsessions where or yours and how do you cope with them?



Well today we spent a cold but good day at the Zoo seeing all the animals.

Oliver seamed to enjoy the day, Looking at all the animals which he loves and going on a little steam train around the zoo, for him i would guess that was the best part.  Anything to do with trains is the best part for Oliver he even found trains while we were driving to the zoo.

This time instead of buying lunch out I packed everyone up a pack lunch which seamed to work so much better for Oliver and he ate it all without any complaining or face pulling or pushing it around his plate because everything in the lunch box he liked 🙂

So much choice Oliver always funs it hard going into the gift shop at the end, his sister could possible buy most of the shop if she had the chance but Oliver can never seam to find anything … He always looks for bouncing balls and nothing much else he even struggled in the Wembley shop.  I am beginning to think it isn’t because he doesn’t want anything or find anything he likes it is more to do with too much choice and he is overwhelm and unable to decide what he wants.  So by looking and going for the same thing he is able to cope.  Today tho as well as buying a bouncing ball he got a drum for his room to go on display.

So all in all with being able to give him a lunch he liked and to allow him again to buy the same thing from the shop a good day was had by all 🙂


Well yesterday Oliver went back to Wembley for a stadium tour … His Christmas Present from his uncle and aunt, he went with his dad and had a fab day.

Lots of pictures where taken but when you look at the photos Oliver isn’t smiling and mainly looking away, 😦 I don’t think he likes his picture being taken.

He was alight with information when we came out and had loved every minute of it. He will retain that information for a life time along with all other football information he knows…. He was the capital along with another boy and got to walk out the tunnel first with everyone else on the tour behind both boys,   He was speechless with that but loved it.  Amazing to think my little boy has walked where out from where his hero’s have walked and in the changing room as well. 


Some of the information was hard to get out of him and I think he was a little overwhelm by it all … next one will be Manchester United.






One of the best presents he has every had.



School Meeting

Well another school meeting, which I have to say went very well. Oliver is making good progress and they are happy with him.


He is still receiving his extra phonic’s and being involved in a speech and language social group to help his social skills which is good and helping read facial expressions which is something he finds hard to do and understanding his emotions.


I have to say the progress school have made with regards to the helping Oliver is great or we are more aware of the help they are giving him now than before most things felt a bit secret squirrel.

All is good and another meeting has been planned in 🙂


Well today at school was Oliver’s first swimming lesson.

He was very excited telling everyone and no one he was swimming with school today.

Me being a parent was worried would he listen to what he was being told, would he get confused getting instructions in a group, would he lost clothing, would he be ok changing and drying himself without being told step by step what to do, etc. The list was endless for me and the day was long until he came home.

He came home and was full on what he had learnt, and that he had enjoyed the lesson and was looking forward to next weeks.

I breathed a sigh of relief 🙂 but there is still time for things to be lost etc. But a good start that he enjoyed the first lesson and seems to have listened to instructions.


Well we are meant to have an update meeting with school tomorrow but need to confirm in the morning the senco hasn’t forgotten or anything.

Things now seem to be going well with in school and Oliver seems to be enjoying his first week back.


Well what a lovely day here in the UK, the sun has been shining and it has been lovely and warm.   We decided to go down by the river in Windsor for a lovely walk, we took in the sites of Romney Lock and crossing over the bridge to visit Eton.  With all the lovely history and sites to see in Windsor, Oliver was only interested in the train coming down the track to Eton and Riverside Station, having a peep in the station and counting the countless trains.

We stopped off for a lovely lunch and then another walk down to the river followed by and ice cream sat beside the river. Even sat eating our ice cream Oliver was watching the trains from Windsor and Slough,

Amazing, Oliver has liked trains but this has been something that has got stronger as he has got older and after a couple of trips to London, Going on and off trains.  There can be lots of lovely things around him and all he is interested in is trains and tracks.   He would be quite happy to spend the whole day at a station rather than anything else.

These holidays have been good after a few days of adjustment from Oliver and although he seams fine about going back to school tomorrow we still have bed time to come and the whole of the night which is where i can get problems 😦

I hope Oliver will cope with being back at school tomorrow, He will cope within the school day he always does, he seams to save it all up for when he comes home and then it seams to explode out of him with out him having any control over it. Thankfully with time and learning more I am now about to cope and put things in place to help Oliver and help him remained calm, or a little calmer.

New medication has been really good this holiday and I think this will help Oliver a great deal in school with regards to his school work and focusing more … time will tell.  One of the hardest things to do is medicated your child or changing medication but I have to say the benefits for Oliver out weight the bad of not having medication.

I am sure I will be blogging again soon to explain about the happenings of being back at school.