Red Nose Day

Well today is Red Nose Day 

School have done a donation for children to go in to school wearing their noses and red and white, and yesterday they had sainsburys go into school to sell red nose day items to the children.

I had already brought Oliver his red nose but still sent him into school with money to buy other items he however choose another 2 noses, but only came out with one when i asked him what happened the the other nose he said that a girl in his class nose had broken so he gave her his spare one 🙂 I thought this was very sweet of him and he show and interest in someone else being upset and how he could make them happy again, something i am not sure children with Asperger’s can always show?

Today worried me the change in routine of no uniform and normal clothes, but Oliver seamed to cope getting up very excited and keep saying “Happy Red Nose Day”

Time to get ready for school he has his red football top on which he was pleased to be able to wear and his trousers which i thought he might kick off over as they are neither red or white but he was happy to wear them. His sister had wanted her hair sprayed red which I had got the stuff to do and this morning Oliver asked for his to be done too like Rachel’s which i did, He was very excited to see his hair a new colour but I will see what he is like later with and different day at school.

I am so proud of the way he can handle certain things 🙂Image


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