Clothes Shopping

Well it has come to that time again that Oliver has out grown his clothes or they are so worn they need replacing.  So I decided to ask Oliver if he wanted me to choose clothes for him or him come shopping with me and his dad.  Oliver chose to come shopping, it was planned where and when we would go so Oliver knew everything and Oliver had his ear defenders to help with noise and his ADHD  tablet to help keep him calm.

Off we set, Oliver soon became bored and overwhelmed with it,  Going from shop to shop wasn’t fun for him to many sensory issues, and the choice of clothes was too much for him.  Taking him into a section for boys and saying what would you like he would just wander around not looking at anything and unable to choose.

If you picked something out and said to him do you like he, he would say yes just because he thought you liked it. One of the hardest things was picking things up not knowing if he would like it or wear it,    As has happened to me in the passed Oliver has been shown a t-shirt said he like it and when he got home and it was washed and labels removed he refused to wear it as he didn’t like it or said it was too itchy.  

Thankfully jogging bottoms the same as the old ones helped and his new interested in angry birds helped with t-shirts and his obsession of football, there was football related shirts as well. 

One thing if you take Oliver to buy a football shirt he has no problems in choosing those  or go into sensory overload as he is going into his favourite shop but he can’t keep wearing the same things can he ?


I’ll have to work out what to do for the best next time?


2 thoughts on “Clothes Shopping

  1. I think he can keep wearing the same thing, if it’s what makes him comfortable. To be honest, when I shop for my son, if I am able to find something that he actually likes, I’ll often go back to the store and get an identical item in a size bigger, ready for when he grows out of, or wears out, the current one!

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