Parents Evening

Well this week just gone was another parents evening, something I am unsure if I look forward to or dread it?


Before seeing the teachers we looked through the school workbooks and I have to say the change in Oliver’s books as massive this time around,   He is behind to everyone else in his class, more so with handwriting and presentation and others but the progress I was seeing was excellent.


Oliver handwriting was the biggest change in all … You could now read it and he had some fabulous ideas in his work, the progress he is making in an extra phonics group is having a massive positive impact on his work and him,    He still has a long way to go but how far he has come from October is great.

His teacher is really pleased with everything he has achieved and the progress he has made so far.  His strongest subject is mental maths which is great and something for him to focus on when the other subjects bring him down.

He has the right attitude in class and always gives 100 % which is all you can ask for.

Rachel is her excellent self again, doing super and has the right attitude and gives a 100 %


As a parent I can’t and will not ask for anymore than they can give, as long as they have the right attitude and approach in the classroom and try hard that is all I ask everything else will come when it is ready.


One very proud mummy.


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