Easter Show

Well this week was the key stage two production, 

Oliver was a snake and had to sing and dance to two songs from the Lion King and then two songs with the whole school from the Sound of Music.   Doing one dress resheral and four shows to parents, too much you might say for 7 – 11 years old and after seeing both my children do this I would agree.


Oliver seams to get through the shows with in the school day but the evening one which myself and husband went to, He did well considering he had no ADHD medication as his normal dose has warn off and I could not give him another dose letter as this would have affected his sleeping.

I informed the teacher that he was on no meds and that a back up plan might need to be put in place 😦  Was there I don’t think so.

Oliver came out and did his Lion King songs with his class and he seams to enjoy it he was anixious has he as very high on his tip toes (which me being mum know this is a sign of him being out of his comfort zone)  With out the meds to help him remain calm and focus he did struggle to stay in time and remeber what he had to to be doing.  But he did well for the last two songs he had to tried and sit still and sing … he did sing but didn’t manage to sit too still without the help of meds.

The head teacher got up and did his talking and this is where Oliver began to show his distress, I am sitting watching him unable to help and where was the teacher to help him or remove him for the situation no where to be seen,  I did mouth to Oliver to get up and go and pointed to the door but he didn’t move for fear of being told off.  Then after the long speech and on cor and more singing … tipping Oliver over the edge. I now think I should have got up and removed Oliver 😦


A massive achievement for him to take part in the all shows and to finish them and I am so proud of him (and his sister who was also in the show) But I do feel too much pressure was placed up on him, and I wonder how many times I have to go over the same things with School?  Am I wrong to think he should have had a get out clause or should he be treated like every other child in school?

Lets see what next years show brings …


Red Nose Day

Well today is Red Nose Day 

School have done a donation for children to go in to school wearing their noses and red and white, and yesterday they had sainsburys go into school to sell red nose day items to the children.

I had already brought Oliver his red nose but still sent him into school with money to buy other items he however choose another 2 noses, but only came out with one when i asked him what happened the the other nose he said that a girl in his class nose had broken so he gave her his spare one 🙂 I thought this was very sweet of him and he show and interest in someone else being upset and how he could make them happy again, something i am not sure children with Asperger’s can always show?

Today worried me the change in routine of no uniform and normal clothes, but Oliver seamed to cope getting up very excited and keep saying “Happy Red Nose Day”

Time to get ready for school he has his red football top on which he was pleased to be able to wear and his trousers which i thought he might kick off over as they are neither red or white but he was happy to wear them. His sister had wanted her hair sprayed red which I had got the stuff to do and this morning Oliver asked for his to be done too like Rachel’s which i did, He was very excited to see his hair a new colour but I will see what he is like later with and different day at school.

I am so proud of the way he can handle certain things 🙂Image

Clothes Shopping

Well it has come to that time again that Oliver has out grown his clothes or they are so worn they need replacing.  So I decided to ask Oliver if he wanted me to choose clothes for him or him come shopping with me and his dad.  Oliver chose to come shopping, it was planned where and when we would go so Oliver knew everything and Oliver had his ear defenders to help with noise and his ADHD  tablet to help keep him calm.

Off we set, Oliver soon became bored and overwhelmed with it,  Going from shop to shop wasn’t fun for him to many sensory issues, and the choice of clothes was too much for him.  Taking him into a section for boys and saying what would you like he would just wander around not looking at anything and unable to choose.

If you picked something out and said to him do you like he, he would say yes just because he thought you liked it. One of the hardest things was picking things up not knowing if he would like it or wear it,    As has happened to me in the passed Oliver has been shown a t-shirt said he like it and when he got home and it was washed and labels removed he refused to wear it as he didn’t like it or said it was too itchy.  

Thankfully jogging bottoms the same as the old ones helped and his new interested in angry birds helped with t-shirts and his obsession of football, there was football related shirts as well. 

One thing if you take Oliver to buy a football shirt he has no problems in choosing those  or go into sensory overload as he is going into his favourite shop but he can’t keep wearing the same things can he ?


I’ll have to work out what to do for the best next time?

Parents Evening

Well this week just gone was another parents evening, something I am unsure if I look forward to or dread it?


Before seeing the teachers we looked through the school workbooks and I have to say the change in Oliver’s books as massive this time around,   He is behind to everyone else in his class, more so with handwriting and presentation and others but the progress I was seeing was excellent.


Oliver handwriting was the biggest change in all … You could now read it and he had some fabulous ideas in his work, the progress he is making in an extra phonics group is having a massive positive impact on his work and him,    He still has a long way to go but how far he has come from October is great.

His teacher is really pleased with everything he has achieved and the progress he has made so far.  His strongest subject is mental maths which is great and something for him to focus on when the other subjects bring him down.

He has the right attitude in class and always gives 100 % which is all you can ask for.

Rachel is her excellent self again, doing super and has the right attitude and gives a 100 %


As a parent I can’t and will not ask for anymore than they can give, as long as they have the right attitude and approach in the classroom and try hard that is all I ask everything else will come when it is ready.


One very proud mummy.