The big return

Well back to school this morning, 

As the day started to arrived I did notice in Oliver that his anxieties w/here raising, 


Today came and he went into school no problem, but has come home upset and had one or two meltdowns.  In his home school diary Oliver had rated his day 9/10 so after reading that I thought all had been OK but no … more problems on a lunch time which is all I know as Oliver hasn’t spoken about them.  That is one thing with Oliver sometimes he will talk to you about things and other times you know nothing other than his behaviour changes and you know he is upset by something.

He has retreated more into his own world this evening and after doing homework … I think that is the best thing just let him do what he wants and control his meltdowns and make him feel safe and comfortable.


How hard is it for our children to return to school … from being home and in their own world and safe and not having the confusion or social rules of school to being forced to go back must make it harder for them.


I am hoping in a day or two things will calm down and Oliver will be used to being back at school and become happier again.


I know home schooling isn’t an option and Oliver must try and learn to or  at least understand a bit more about the social issues that plague him, otherwise he will become and adult and face even more problems and difficultly and you want them to try and leave as normal life as possible, But on the other hand you want to keep them safe and happy.  How difficult it is to try and understand what they go through on a daily basis their understanding of the world.  We will never understand just like other people/children with disabilities until you have it you have no idea how they are feeling you can try and understand without ever really knowing.


Well Parents evening this week so lets see how that one goes …


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