Food Shopping

Now this is something I like doing without children around, or if they are around I do online, but with today we went shopping 😦


It started off in town where both Rachel and Oliver could pay the money they had counted from their money boxes into the bank accounts, Rachel loved this however Oliver got bored even with taking his ADHD tablet today.  Standing in line awaiting our turn he kept wandering off and moving about and I or my husband was constantly asking him to stand still which was something he just couldn’t do … the bank wasn’t busy but however customer counters are closing and machines are taking over.  We walked in with two counters open and as we arrived one counter closed and the other counter was serving someone whom seam to take an age.

Finally our turn at the counter and Oliver wanders off to his dad and around the bank as he is bored and I have to keep calling him back for his signature or for him to receive the information as I wasn’t allowed to receive the information without him standing next to me.

Once that is finished off to the market to buy some fresh fruit and veg which Oliver loves choosing what he wants and enjoyable part of the day.


Then off to the supermarket to do the shopping, Oliver’s worst nightmare I am beginging to learn, busy, noisy all things he hates.   We had one or two upsets as Oliver seam to be sliding over a lot of the time leading to me moaning at him and him saying it wasn’t his fault.   Just walk nicely I kept saying and then you won’t fall over … I was more worried about him being on the floor and hurt by another customer and their trolley than him annoying any of them.  Even tho i didn’t shout or raise my voice Oliver still felt he was being told off and went into clinging mode, and becoming upset, I knew I had to get this trip over with quickly.  We managed to get around the rest of the shop and to the checkout, If Oliver does come shopping with me while packing my shopping he sits on the seats at the end of the checkout so I can still see him and he is happy out of the hussle of packing shopping.  However today was a problem some old gentleman was sitting on the seats and blocking all others with his trolley so Oliver was unable to sit down while loading the shopping onto the checkout.  It is becoming hard to be able to multi task in a supermarket with Oliver.  Thankfully as time to pack the shopping Oliver was able to sit down and I was able to pack the shopping and pay.


Oliver seams to have his routine if he comes shopping with me ie sitting on the seats at the end of the checkout while I go through them and other little things that i am beginning to notice this must all be to help him cope with something he doesn’t enjoy or gets highly anxious about it.


Now we are onto the stored up homework from this holiday, another blog i think 🙂


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