After waking up and wanting to do something different today we decided to go to Windsor, yes living so close we have done it a hundred times but this time we did it differently.


Oliver loves going on trains so we decided to go by train,  Which Oliver loved, counting all the trains he say on his way there and back.      After a nice lunch we went for a walk around the castle, this my daughter loved taking in the audio tour guide and learning more about the castle and monarchs. Oliver however soon became bored like he normally does and you end up dragging him round sulking and bored while Rachel then feels she has to cut the trip short.     I have to say I wouldn’t let her cut it short this time and he had to put up with it.  He has to learn I am afraid that we all have to do things we don’t like doing or find boring and all treats can’t be about what he wants to do.  I am thankfully that with lots of reassurance and talking to him we didn’t have a meltdown and Rachel enjoyed her time in the castle.

What was lovely about going to Windsor was the kids had the treat of the train and castle but I also go a treat by going shopping … and a few treats brought in HM 🙂  Sometimes as parents with children with special needs we don’t always get anything for ourselves time wise or being able to do things for ourselves so that was a nice treat.


A little nightmare journey coming home with the train cancelled from Windsor to Slough so we had to wait another 20 Min’s for the next one, great old public transport!  Oliver again loved the journey home counting even more trains and watching them coming in and out of the station, I think you could have stayed there all day and he would have been happy… maybe not us as it was freezing today 😦


Now we are home and kids are very excited and hyper and I am hoping they calm down a little otherwise this will be a long evening lol


Other things I notice about days like this … the age gap between Rachel and Oliver is only small but with the Asperger’s and ADHD it can be hard to find something they both enjoy and one won’t be bored, But Oliver has limited interests making this more difficult than normal.  Do other parents find this hard too and how do you overcome this problem?


All in all another good day 🙂  Lets see what tomorrow will bring x


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