What a lovely day today, full of lovely sunshine here in England… Shame it isn’t lasting and the cold weather will be returning.

After a lovely walk into town to do bits and a walk home stopping off at the park for both Rachel and Oliver is play was lovely.  As soon as we where home and they had lunch they were both back out on the bikes playing.

I remember teaching Oliver to ride his bike and thinking he would never get there… pedals being pedaled backwards instead of forwards and the balance issues with the motor dyspraxia.  However we got there and now he loves it one of his major achivements.  Oliver can still struggles with balance if he is having a bad day or tired he becomes wobbly and can fall off but one thing with Oliver he will just dust himself off and get straight back on his bike.  Amazing to see him whizzing around with his sister.

Also a lovely trip to another park with Oliver and Rachel riding their bikes and myself and husband walking with the dog.   Kids cycling around the park and then leaving their bikes for a good old fashion run around. 🙂

We did have a few issues and a small meltdown when things weren’t going quite right for Oliver or he was out of his comfort zone. But today they were easily sorted which is always good.

The holidays seam to be going well this time around and slipping away too quickly… As well as lots more fun to be had I do have to pick a day for the battle with homework, maybe I should choose that day to be sooner rather than later.


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